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Looking to start your garment decorating business? The printed T-shirt business is healthy, growing, and has been virtually recession-proof. Look around when you go to the mall or to a sporting event. It seems that everyone is wearing a printed or decorated T-shirt, jersey, hoodie, or sweatshirt. People love them and will keep buying them long into the future, regardless of the economy. Starting and managing a T-shirt printing business takes motivation, desire, and talent. It also takes research and planning. To increase your chance for success, take the time up front to explore and evaluate your business and personal goals. Then use this information to build a comprehensive and well thought out business plan that will help you reach these goals.
Many people run successful full-time businesses that are built entirely around heat-applied graphics. If you have a business model that would benefit from the ability to offer custom printed T-shirts with heat transfer paper, getting started is as easy as owning a ink jet printer.

Benefits include:
* It’s easy to do,short learning curve
* It can be done in small spaces with low start up investment
* No environmental concerns and high profit margins possible

Why Heat Printing?
* Offer your customers low quantities—one shirt no problem!
* Offer your customers fast service—while you wait service
* Low costs for you, high profit margins
* Anyone can do it—easy to train employees
* Can be combined with other decorating methods
* You only need to stock a limited quantity of T-shirts in selected colors and sizes and personalize them at any time. There is no preprinted inventory, which allows for more flexibility and cash flow.
* Heat printing is cost effective for producing as little as one garment.
* You can heat press designs on various locations on the garment, such as over the shoulder or wrap around prints.
* You can use the heat press to apply custom labels or tag garments.
* You can easily expand your offerings beyond T-shirts by using the same heat printing processes on mouse pads, tote bags, caps, mugs, umbrellas, and much more.

Types of Heat Applied Graphics for T-Shirts
* Custom Transfers
* Logos/Lettering
* Ink Jet Transfers
* Color Laser Copier Transfers
Using an inkjet, laser or eco-solvent printer/cutter, you can output full color digital
iron on transfers and heat apply them to an enormous number of substrates. This option provides terrific flexibility and lets you quickly and easily apply photo realistic images on all types of apparel. Color copier laser (CLC) transfers are created using toner (on a color laser printer or copier) and produce great-looking graphics, although there’s the potential for machine maintenance. Inkjet printers use water-based inks and are a less-expensive option to get started with. If you own a printer/cutter, such as a VersaCamm, there are print/cut materials available for textile decoration.

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