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InkJet Transfer Paper

inkjet heat transfer paper---------- - 8.5''X11'', 11''X17''-For light color fabric
inkjet opaque heat transfer paper--- 8.5''X11'', 11''X17''-For dark color fabric

10 sheets/pack, 20 sheets/pack, 50 sheets/pack,and 100 sheets/pack are available in stock.

1, Can be transferred onto cotton, polyester, nylon or cotton blended T-shirt, apron, pillowcase, or tote bag;
2, Can be designed directly with Wax crayons, Oil pastels, fluorescent markers, color pencil, or printed with water based pigment or dye inkjet ink;
3, Be Compatible with most ink jet printers such as Epson, Canon, HP and Lexmark;
4, Easily applied by a hand iron or heat press
5, Excellent full color transfers, great soft hand, stretch ability and wash durability.

We had tested our materials in most printers and equipments; however, we suggest you try a sample pack before buying large quantity.