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Where are you located and who is the manufacturer of the heat transfer products?

Alizarin Coating (Canada) Inc. is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our company has 10 years experience in heat transfer printing industry. We have a modern production line to manufacture the special coated transfer paper.

What is heat transfer paper?

Transfer paper is used in textiles and arts & crafts projects. Often, an ink-jet or other printer is used to print the image on transfer paper. Then a heat press can be used to transfer the image onto clothing, canvas, or other surface.

What is inkjet heat transfer paper?

It comes in 2 varieties--for light colored fabric, or dark colored fabric. The light colored fabric variety cannot be used on dark fabrics because the paper is essentially transparent. An inkjet printer is not capable of printing white. So, anywhere that the image would have white, you will see straight through to the colour of the garment. Inkjet transfer paper for dark coloured garments is NOT transparent. It is white. So unlike the process with transfer paper for light fabric, you do not print the image horizontally mirrored. You print it just the way it is, right on the paper with the white background. Now your image will be white where it is supposed to be. The washability for our inkjet transfer paper is not as good as a screen printed shirt, but if you follow the washing instructions included with the paper, they will usually last 100 times of washes.

What is sublimation transfer paper?

Dye sublimation transfer paper is another process for putting your image on a garment. Fabrics must be white or light in color. 100% polyester. This process uses a special dye sublimation printer and ink. It actually switches the solid ink into a gas, never going through a liquid stage. So you never have to worry about waiting for your transfer sheet to dry. The dye sub process can also be used on ceramic, wood, glass, or metal as long as they have a polymer coating. There are a couple products out there now that will allow you to print onto a white sheet and then place that onto a dark garment. However, you would probably be better off just sticking with inkjet transfer paper if that is the route you are going to take.

Why the ink spill all over the paper when I print the image onto transfer paper?

You print on the wrong side of transfer paper. You should print on the coated side. Please flip the paper and try again.

I could not transfer the image onto my T-shirt when I use the heat press machine, why?

Please check the following settings:

1.      Temperature: dark color--165 ºC, light color--185ºC, if you have a digital thermal detector, please check the real temperature.

2.      Heat press time: dark color—25 second, light color---15 second

3.      Pressure: using moderate pressure for dark color transfer and heavy pressure for light color transfer

After I transfer the image onto my T-Shirt, the color becomes lighter than original design, why?

Because the heat transfers too fast, the transfer film shrinks. Before you heat press the transfer paper, please put a cotton fabric on top of the transfer paper. Then heat press it. You should get better color.

When I heat press the light color transfer paper, there are many bubbles on the back paper, can you solve the problem?

It’s easy to handle this problem. Before you heat press the transfer paper, please put a greaseproof paper on top of the image, then heat press it.

What kind of ink should I use to print the image?

You could use any ink in the market such as dye ink, pigment ink, eco-solvent ink, and sublimation ink. (No sublimation ink for IRE® Regular Ink Jet Transfer Paper).

What is the difference between sublimation printing and heat transfer printing?

Sublimation printing is applied to polyester light color fabric only; however, our heat transfer paper could be applied to both light color and dark color cotton, nylon, polyester, lycra, spandex and cotton blended fabric.

Ink jet Printing instructions:

-----------------For light color transfer paper

1.Load the paper properly; be sure to print your image to the COATED side of transfer paper.

2.Select the paper type-- “NORMAL PAPER”, and printing quality---“PHOTO QUALITY”

3, Mirror the image before printing

-----------------For dark color transfer paper

1.Load the paper properly; be sure to print your image to the COATED side of transfer paper.

2.Select the paper type-- “NORMAL PAPER”, and printing quality---“PHOTO QUALITY”

3, Print the image as it is.

Washing instructions?

*Leave finished item for at least 24 hours before washing.
*Fabrics may then be machine washed separately in cold water. (Inside out, DO NOT USE BLEACH
  or bleach additive detergent)
*Do NOT use fabric softener
*Dry at normal setting; do not dry clean..

Heat transfer instructions:
1, After the ink dry, Cut out design leaving narrow (1/4”-1/2”) margin around edge of motif. Use an image with rounded edges to avoid corner liftoff after washing.
2, Prepare a stable, heat-resistant surface suitable for ironing on.
3, Heat iron (without steam) to maximum cotton setting.
4, Set up the fabric on the working table and iron the fabric to make it smooth and dry.
5, Place the image facing down in desired position on fabric.
6, Apply hot, dry iron at heavy pressure for approximately 1 minute, moving iron in a slow circular motion so whole motif is pressed firmly for same length of time.
7,Hot peel the back paper, you would get matte finish; Cold peel the back paper, you would get glossy finish.